Vietnam Travel: Things To Know About Da Nang & Hue City

by Sanmita A
Vietnam Travel: Things To Know About Da Nang & Hue City

Vietnam, located in Southeast Asia, is one of the world’s most visited & affordable holiday destinations. It is mostly tropical or else rainy with weather that is hardly predictable. When visiting this country, you can find spots and activities that can easily match your holiday style. What’s best is its affordability for Indian travellers and scenic views that are refreshingly unique.

Among all the spots — Vietnam’s Da Nang and Hue City stand out for their out-of-the-world and postcard-worthy views. Here’s how Curly Tales The Solo Female Traveller, Neha Nambiar rambles on the streets of Vietnam.

Ba Na Hills – A Spectacular Location Near Da Nang City, Vietnam

Vietnam TravelLocated 45 minutes from Da Nang city, Ba Na Hills is a popular hill station in Vietnam. Although a hill station, Ba Na Hills has now been developed into an amusement and theme park. It is likely that you may have come across stunning pictures of the Ba Na Hills on social media as it is one of the most visited spots in the country. To reach this spot, you’d have to travel via a cable car. And, you can sit in the cable car for good 20 minutes and soak in the green sights before you finally reach the destination.

Once you reach there, Ba Na Hills offers tons of activities and adventures for you to engage yourselves in. In this episode, Neha Nambiar takes you through the vintage French village and the staggering Golden Bridge.

After visiting the famous Hand Bridge, Neha heads to the French village that has a dominant French aesthetic in the structures built there. They have dome-shaped roofs which have the look and vibe of old castles. If you’re inclined towards the European style of architecture, this French village will surely impress the traveller in you.

Neha recommends that the best time to visit the Hand Bridge is on a weekday. As for the French village, it will take you well 1 hour to look around and explore it to the fullest.

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Cuisines To Try During Vietnam Travel

Neha, a vegetarian, suggests that it is best you enquire before you choose any item to eat. At times, certain dishes are made of meat broth but do not have direct meat in them. So, it’s best to ask before you choose any food item. Neha also recommends the jelly dessert which is absolutely yummy!

Following this, head to the Dragon Bridge in the evening, where you can spot the dragon spit out the fire on weekends at sharp 9 pm. Neha, also tells about the amazing nightlife that exists in Vietnam and from what it looks like, the Dragon Bridge is a sight to behold in the dark.

Vietnam Da Nang
Picture Credits: Unsplash

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Curly Tales The Solo Female Traveller Reaches Hue City

Neha takes you through scenic routes and views before reaching Hue City, which is about 100 km from Na Dang. This Vietnamese city is known for being more laidback, relaxing and historic. Neha begins her tour in Hue with a historic place, Khai Dinh’s tomb. The tomb is named after the 12th emperor of Vietnam. It has a mystic appearance to it, with a blend of Vietnamese and European styles of architecture. The tomb looks mystical with the dark concrete and exudes a distinct vibe when you visit.

Vietnam Da Nang
Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Next up on Neha Nambiar’s itinerary is the An Nhien Garden, where she comes across some delicious and swoon-worthy vegetarian food. The place serves unique offerings in terms of vegetarian dishes. Hence, if you’re looking for some great and worthy veg food in Vietnam, stick to Neha’s recommendations.

Incense Village In Vietnam

After touring the hot spots in Hue City and gorging on some delicious food, Incense Village in Vietnam should be your next spot. Neha Nambiar calls this village a visual delight and we’re sure you’ll be in awe of the striking tints of reds and oranges you see there.

Giang Lagoon In Hue

After exploring and capturing some Instaworthy pictures at the incense village, the next stop on your itinerary must be the Giang Lagoon in Hue. It is one of the biggest lagoon systems in Southeast Asia. And needless to say, you will be stunned by the evening sky there.

Vietnam’s cities are a delight for anyone who wishes to visit an international destination on an affordable budget. And, Neha Nambiar in the latest episode of The Solo Female Travellers ensures you know it all before you head to Da Nang and Hue City.

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash