Vijay Deverakonda & Ananya Pandey Feast On Traditional Kerala Sadya

by Sanmita A
Vijay Deverakonda & Ananya Pandey Feast On Traditional Kerala Sadya

The Southern sensation, Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday are on a promotional spree for their upcoming film, Liger. The duo have been actively promoting their film, Liger across cities and platforms. Recently, during their promotions in Kerala, Vijay and Ananya had a scrumptious meal of the traditional Kerala Sadya. The Sadya has a variety of vegetarian dishes and is of supreme importance to the Malayalis. The Sadya has over 26 dishes and is a delight for any foodie. As, for the Liger stars, what could be better than being in Kerala and enjoying the Kerala sadya!

Vijay Deverakonda & Ananya Panday Dig Into Kerala Cuisine

Vijay Deverakonda has grabbed a lot of attention during Liger promotions. His fans are desperately waiting for Liger to release and are super excited. Vijay has also been giving his fans a peek into all that he is doing! Recently, he took to Twitter to share a video of himself enjoying Sadya with his Liger costar, Ananya Panday. Take a look at the duo totally mesmerised by the serving –

Vijay Deverakonda’s mother too, has been super enthusiastic about her son’s Bollywood debut. Vijay shared pictures of the puja that she held to ward off evil eyes from the duo. Here are some super adorable photographs that Vijay shared with his fans on Twitter –

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Vijay’s Bollywood Debut

Prior to Kerala, Vijay and Ananya were seen in Gujarat enjoying a massive Gujarati thali. From what it seems that the duo is having the time of their life, visiting cities, promoting their film and enjoying all the traditional cuisines. A great way to connect with the regional audience, isn’t it? While preparing for Liger, Vijay had taken mixed martial classes in Thailand too. We are totally in awe of how these actors outdo themselves for every role and find connections through food and places with their audiences.

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