Vijay Varma Knows Recipes Of Famous Dishes And Loves Pani Puri

Vijay Varma Sunday Brunch
by Mallika Khurana

Bollywood is experiencing a great surge in talented actors who are taking the industry and the audience by storm with back-to-back phenomenal performances. Vijay Varma is certainly one of those actors who made a mark for himself in Pink, Gully Boy, Darlings, and many more projects. Today, to let us in on his personal life and his journey as an actor, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, along with his glamorous co-star Sonakshi Sinha. Stream the episode to know how it went!

Vijay Varma Is Well Versed With Recipes

To make our conversation with them more exciting, we decided to test how well-versed they are in each other’s cuisines. While Sonakshi hails from a Sindhi background, Vijay has roots in Rajasthan. To prove their expertise, they had to guess the main ingredients of some dishes from each other’s cuisines. 

First, we asked Vijay for the ingredients of Sai Bhaji, and after some minor hints, he got it right with spinach. Next, we asked Sonakshi to identify the ingredients for dal, bati, and churma. When she couldn’t do it, Vijay surprised us with the details he knew about making this traditional Rajasthani dish. This game unfolded in an interesting way, and we got to know a lot about the secret master chef hidden in Vijay Varma. 

After discussing food at length, it was time to indulge in some. While we were savouring all the dishes in front of us, we learned that Sonakshi loves dahi puri and Vijay has similar feelings for pani puri. Certainly, there is a challenge ready for next time!

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This Is How Much Their First Jobs Paid Them

Vijay and Sonakshi

Photo Credits: Internal

 As we ate all the deliciousness in front of us, we questioned Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma about their first jobs and paychecks. At Lakme Fashion Week, Sonakshi’s first job, she worked as an usher for 7 days and was paid ₹3,000 for it. Vijay Varma, on the other hand, revealed that for a month he worked at a petrol station in Hyderabad. Additionally, he stated that his weekly pay for the work was ₹2,000. Further, he talked about how this wasn’t his only job before getting his big break in Bollywood.

Watch the episode right away to learn more about his incredible path to tremendous success.

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