Vikas Khanna Says Indian Food Represents Diversity, Soul & Fabric Of Country

by Tania Tarafdar
Vikas Khanna Says Indian Food Represents Diversity, Soul & Fabric Of Country

Internationally acclaimed Indian chef, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Vikas Khanna needs no introduction. He has not only done an exemplary job in the culinary industry but also rose to fame as an author, filmmaker, and humanitarian. His journey, from a child with misaligned feet to one of the most sought-after chefs in the world, is nothing short of an inspiration. He has repackaged his life history with an essence of Indian culture, heritage, and custom in his movie Buried Seeds — The Life Journey of Chef Vikas Khanna. It was aired on August 15 at 9 pm on National Geographic India.

Vikas Khanna’s Movie Buried Seeds Is A Transformational Story Of Passion, Devotion, & Faith 

Buried Seeds is a transformational story of passion, devotion, faith combined with Vikas’ immense love for Indian culture. “Buried Seeds is very personal to me. It’s a collective wisdom of everybody that influenced and inspired me, from poets, philosophers, mentors to family members. Their words are with me through every struggle or triumph. Buried Seeds uncovers many memories and emotions that were hidden inside me for so long. It is my hope that people will see something of themselves in my story. I hope they will see the possibilities for what they can become. The music does not end in us. Sometimes we need to open our hearts and listen. That’s what Buried Seeds helped me do in my life – and that’s what I believe it can offer to others,” said Vikas Khanna.


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Indian Food Represents Diversity, Real Soul, And Fabric: Vikas Khanna

In an interview with Indian Express, the Chef said Indian food gave him a voice and that it represents diversity, real soul, and fabric as a country. He said that he was proud to represent a nation with such varied tastes and authentic flavours. He also said that it can be difficult for the next generation to master and replicate authentic Indian food as our ancestors did. Award-Winning Chef Vikas Khanna Explored The Best Restaurants In Dubai & Here’re His Top Picks.

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