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by Mallika Khurana 198

Everyone, everywhere, is fascinated by food because it has a unique charm to it. Nothing holds the power to bring together different individuals from across the globe together in the same place like food. Food unites people at each event, whether a festival or a sacred site. On that note, on this edition of Tera Gully Mein, Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani explored Mumbai with India’s favourite Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna. His heart still resides in ‘Ambarsar’, even after reaching the heights of New York City.

Watch the full video to know all about him and his relationship with food!

Chef Vikas Khanna Talked About His Favourite Food Items In Amritsar

Of course, food dominated the conversation and a lot of interesting information about him came to light. During the game ‘Chatkare with Hajmola’, when asked about his favourite food joints in Amritsar as a kid, he started with Maqbool Road Dhaba. Their delicious kulchas are still his favourite. Once his mind went back to Amritsar he continued to name his favourite spots in the city.  Some of the names he shared in an instant are:

  • Mathura chaat,
  • Bansal ke ladoo,
  • Kanha ki pooriyan,
  • Gur ka karha,
  • Sharma ji ke gulab jamun, and
  • DAV College ke aam papad.

We can surely guess how much he loves these places and the food.

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A Tere Gully Mein Episode In Amritsar Has Been Proposed

Vikas Khanna

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Once his dedication towards Amritsari food was observed, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jnai instantly talked about doing an actual Tere Gully Mein episode in Amritsar with Chef Vikas Khanna. While the idea pleased the chef, he expressed his dilemma of not being able to fulfil all commitments during his visit to India. However, he believes in saying “Inshallah”, hoping to be able to do it. He believes that we cant pre-decide all things but we can definitely hope for them to happen.

While we didn’t get a yes to that episode, we are sure it would be happening and an eye-opener about all that Amritsar has to offer.

Don’t forget to watch the whole video!

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