Vikas Khanna’s Chai Has Stressed His Mom Out; She Says, “₹200 Ka Saffron Daal Diya Hai”

Vikas Khanna prepared saffron-loaded chai for his mom. Seeing her son empty ₹200-worth saffron into the chai, stressed his mom.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Vikas Khanna’s Chai Has Stressed His Mom Out; She Says, “₹200 Ka Saffron Daal Diya Hai”

Vikas Khanna’s latest reel proves why Indian moms are built differently! Netizens following the Michelin starred-chef on Insta know the sweet bond Vikas Khanna shares with his Mumma and doggo, Plum. This time, the MasterChef India judge prepared aromatic chai for his mom. However, it stressed her out. Read on to know why.

Vikas Khanna Stresses His Mom With Saffron-Filled Chai


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Sharing a reel on Instagram, Vikas Khanna is seen preparing saffron chai for his mom. “Mumma, saffron daal diya”, he says. His mom patiently watches him add a generous amount of saffron to the freshly brewed chai.“Mumma, kaisi banni hai?”, he asks.  “Bahut swaad hai,” his mother replies as she stares at the saffron swimming over the pot of chai. To this, Vikas Khanna asks why is she stressed. His mother answers, “Stress kyun ho raha hai?! Do sau rupai ka saffron daal diya hai” ( Why am I stressed? You’ve put ₹200 worth of saffron in it”.

Vikas Khanna bursts into laughter, amused by his mother’s response. “Aisi chai na kabhi sunni na dekhi,” she says with a poker face. Later, as they walk on the quiet, cold roads of the USA, Vikas asks his mother if she is still stressed about saffron-filled tea. His mother replies she is fine now. But the fact that Vikas Khanna emptied saffron worth ₹200 to prepare chai was something she couldn’t fathom.

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Netizens Related To His ₹200 Saffron Chai Reel

In his caption, Vikas mentioned that Indian moms are built different. Well, his reel is definitely relatable. Every time I prepare kesar chai at home, my mother supervises the amount of saffron I use. A tiniest pinch of saffron is the recommended amount. MasterChef judge and pastsy queen, Pooja Dhingra had a hearty laugh at his reel. An Instagrammer almost shocked at the amount of kesar added by Vikas Khanna asks if he prepared Ambani chai.

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Many others realised that it’s not just their mom but even Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna’s mom who reacts similarly when it comes to saffron. Others lauded mothers for being resourceful.

Meanwhile, let us know if you’ve made saffron chai at home and what’s your parents’ reaction to it.

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