Violating This Traffic Rule In Abu Dhabi Will Lead To A Fine Of Dh2000

by Ishita Agarwal
Violating This Traffic Rule In Abu Dhabi Will Lead To A Fine Of Dh2000

Is it possible to drive in the United Arab Emirates? There are several things to watch on the road, including road signs and markers. Road signs are easy to see, but you may miss a road marker and get a traffic ticket if you’re not careful. If a lane is specifically for public buses, you can see a road marker that says ‘Bus only in Dubai or Bus lanes’ on the road. The whole lane is mark as a bus lane in certain cases by painting it red. Drivers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi face fines of Dh600 and Dh400, respectively, if they accidentally drive into the lane. 

Parking At a Bus Stop in Abu Dhabi Will Lead To a Fine 

The Integrated Transport Authority (ITC) of Abu Dhabi warns motorists on May 29 about parking hazards at bus stops. ITC demonstrates how parking automobiles in these places, even for a short time, is unsafe for road users since it makes it harder for buses to stop in the lay-by lane, according to a post on its official social media platforms. 

ITC has previously expressed concern that utilising bus stops to pick up or drop off passengers increases the danger of road accidents or causes bus service delays. 


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Driving In Bus Lanes Will Fine Upto Dh2000

Crossing into a lane for public transportation will result in a Dh400 fine, even for a short distance in Abu Dhabi. A bus emblem will also paint on the road, indicating a lane specifically for public transportation.

According to the RTA, these lanes are secure not just for buses and taxis but also for police cars, civil defence vehicles, and ambulances in Abu Dhabi. Radars keep a close eye on these lanes to see whether any private vehicles are using them, and motorists who break the regulation are fined Dh600.

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