Viral: BTS Video Of How Rusk Is Made In A Bakery Raises Hygiene Concerns; Netizens Disgusted

A behind the scenes video from a bakery gives the Internet a glimpse into how rusk is baked. This video has raised hygiene concerns on social media.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Viral: BTS Video Of How Rusk Is Made In A Bakery Raises Hygiene Concerns; Netizens Disgusted

If chai and biscuit is a thing! Then chai and rusk or toast is an emotion. The local rusk found in every other neighbourhood bakery is a staple tea-time snack for many Indians. Just dip the golden brown toasty rusk in chai and munch on it. Soaking in the goodness of sweet chai, the rusk softens and melts in your mouth. But recently, a BTS video of how rusk is made in a bakery has raised hygiene concerns. Leaving Netizens disgusted and even claiming to abstain from it altogether. Here’s what brewed.

Viral Video Of Rusk Made At Bakery Shows Cook Smoking Preparing Dough

X user, Ananth Rupanagudi (@Ananth_IRAS) recently reposted a video of cooks preparing rusk in a bakery. The video was originally shared by popular food vlogger, Amar Sirohi AKA Foodie Incarnate. In the BTS video, the cooks in the bakery are seen preparing rusk from scratch. The toasty rusk takes 12 hours to prepare. The process starts with cooks preparing a batter with maida, salt and sugar. It goes through three baking stages in tunnel ovens.  The process is complicated and elaborate.

But what caught the eye of Ananth Rupanagudi was the unhygienic conditions where the rusk was prepared. Also, a cook is seen smoking a cigarette while preparing the batter. In the caption, the X user says, “If this is true, I dread having a toast again!  #Food #hygiene”

Netizens also had similar hygiene concerns after watching the viral video from the rusk factory. @AMaughan3 comments, “I mean growing up, having seen conditions on railway pantry cars, had a sense of gratitude towards those who worked those kitchens. However, hard to imagine the railway kitchens are dramatically different than this – esp. the meals that get loaded on at major junctions.”

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Disgusted Netizens Vow To Never Eat Rusk Again

@Ananth_IRAS defended the food prepared at railway kitchens. He says that while he can’t guarantee it will taste good but the food doesn’t taste so bad either. Also, there are frequent checks at railway kitchens.  @patel_dilip admits that the unhygienic condition may be similar in many other bakeries. He chimes in that many bakeries use such processes. Bigger bakeries have different processes thanks to machines being employed.  @SelfDoubtist says that this is the very reason why the X user refrains from purchasing rusk from local bakeries.

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The X user prefers to buy branded packets of rusk. @_Lal_Saket_ feels that this video mainly shows the working of a bakery belonging to an unorganised sector. @ChainaniManu seemed disgusted by the video and vowed to never eat toast again. The Netizen said he felt like vomiting after watching the video. @MeEnginear reinstates that just like toast other bakery items are also prepared similarly. But the Netizen hopes that baking food at 180°C might kill germs and microbes.

Meanwhile, what do you think about this viral BTS video of rusk baked in a bakery? Does this leave you concerned about the hygiene practices employed at bakeries?

Cover Image Courtesy: @foodie_incarnate/ Instagram

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