Viral Video Of Haunted Rickshaw Running By Itself Is Leaving Netizens In Shock

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video Of Haunted Rickshaw Running By Itself Is Leaving Netizens In Shock

The internet is a crazy thing and the social media platforms are the perfect evidence of it. Pictures and videos get viral on the internet every other day and most of those are truly hilarious. This time the netizens are quite shocked to see a rickshaw moving on the road. You might think what is so amusing about a moving rickshaw? The answer to it is the vehicle was moving without any support or push, just like a haunted rickshaw.

Netizens Are Shocked To See The Viral Video Of A Haunted Rickshaw

A Facebook page named ‘Update of Nepal Banda’ uploaded this video with the caption ‘Tesla rickshaw with Auto Voice Command and Auto parking’. It went viral within no time. The video shows how a rickshaw is moving on a busy road all by itself, without a single crash with other vehicles. In fact, it was raining heavily along with the storm. Seeing this bizarre video, many are believing it to be a haunted rickshaw.

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The video had no driver on it or not anyone was sitting in the passenger seat. The stunning part is that the rickshaw came back to its previous position all itself without anyone’s help. It did not smash with any car on that bustling road.

Netizens’ Reactions Are Hilarious!

The video now has over 968k views, 6.6k likes and reactions, and 304 comments. The original owner of this video of the haunted rickshaw is Limon Sarker and this Facebook page later shred it. Facebook users left funny comments under the video of the haunted rickshaw. The comment section is rib-tickling and you should check out some comments too! While some said that the rickshaw possesses paranormal power, some compared it to a Tesla car. Some even thought the rickshaw to be a part of the Avengers family.

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