Food Delivery Boy Walking On Foot In Heatwave Irks Netizens

by Shreya Ghosh
Food Delivery Boy Walking On Foot In Heatwave Irks Netizens

Netizens are raging on the social media platform, Twitter’ after coming across a tweet of a delivery boy walking in this scorching heat to deliver a food parcel. A woman shared the entire story of the incident and it is completely inhumane. The Twitter user, ‘Parizad Baria-Unwalla’ ordered from the popular food delivery app, ‘Swiggy’ and she had to wait really long for the parcel to get delivered.

The Delivery Boy Walked From A Restaurant Of 4.5 KM

Parizad Baria-Unwalla took to Twitter to share how she ordered from Swiggy and had to wait hours for the parcel. After more than 1.5 hours, she came to know that the delivery boy is covering a distance of 4.5 km on his foot in the afternoon in the scorching heat of Mumbai. She tried to contact with the customer support executives of Swiggy and pleaded them to book a cab for the boy. Even, she ensured that the cab fare is on her and she will pay it entirely. Even after so much begging, all she received as a reply was, ‘We have noted your feedback for future orders’.

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In the end, she also added that received her parcel from a different delivery partner. He delivered it to her on a motorbike after some time.

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