Swiggy Delivery Partners Can Get Managerial Jobs In New Accelerator Programme

by Ishita Agarwal
Swiggy Delivery Partners Can Get Managerial Jobs In New Accelerator Programme

Online food delivery business Swiggy has introduced an accelerator program! But what is this program all about? This program will enable its delivery executives to move into full-time managerial-level employment with a set salary and perks.  The company has taken an unusual step, given the possibility of professional advancement in gig economy firms. However, Swiggy said that they seek to provide a chance to executives who want to transition from their present flexible involvement with the firm to a committed management job as part of its ‘Step-Ahead’ initiative. 

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Swiggy further adds that they simplify this process and plan to reserve at least 20 per cent of all fleet management hiring for its delivery services.  Swiggy vice president of operations, Mihir Rajesh Shah, commented on the program for its delivery partners, saying, “While most may consider their association with the platform as a stop-gap between jobs or education, or even as an additional source of income, we recognize that there are some who want more.” 

Benefits of Swiggy’s ‘Step Ahead’ Initiative

“With ‘Step Ahead,’ Swiggy is presenting a one-of-a-kind chance for anyone interested in switching their blue collar for a white collar and taking on a management job,” he said.

According to Swiggy, it has more than 2.7 lakh delivery partners all around the nation. Suppose you are thinking of applying for the position of Fleet Manager in Swiggy. In that case, you should have a college degree, possess communication skills and basic computer knowledge, and should have worked as a delivery executive for Swiggy for a few years. 

In addition, the company said about contemplating lowering the tenure limit to around two years of involvement with the firm. According to the company’s statement, several delivery professionals have joined the platform as fleet managers.

Presently, Swiggy claims that its delivery partners are entitled to a variety of benefits, like:

  • accident insurance and medical coverage
  • personal loans
  • legal assistance
  • Covid income support
  • emergency support
  • income support during an accident or illness recovery
  • bereavement leaves
  • period time off
  • maternity coverage.  

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About Swiggy 

Swiggy is India’s biggest on-demand delivery platform. It focuses on a tech-first approach to logistics and a solution-first approach to customer expectations. The company offers unprecedented convenience via continual innovation. 

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It has its presence in more than 500 locations throughout the country. Moreover, they have relationships with hundreds of thousands of eateries, an employment base of over 5000 people, and a delivery fleet of more than 2 lakh people.