Viral: YouTuber Captures 2 Women Pickpocketing Inside Crowded Delhi Metro

YouTuber recorded two women pickpocketing from a woman's bag at the Rajiv Chowk metro station.

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral: YouTuber Captures 2 Women Pickpocketing Inside Crowded Delhi Metro

Travelling on public transportation can be a bit scary at times. No, I am not talking about the massive crowd or chaos in the rush hours. Here, I am talking about the rise in stealing incidents in buses, metros, trains, roads, and probably every other public place. In a recent viral video, two women can be seen pickpocketing in the Delhi metro. People around later caught them as well.

Women Got Caught While Pickpocketing Inside Delhi Metro

YouTuber sintu gupta (@sintugupta) recorded the incident of 2 women standing quietly in between the crowd of the Delhi metro and slowly stealing money from one of the thousands of passengers waiting at the metro station to board a metro.

The viral video shot at Rajiv Chowk metro station is grabbing everyone’s attention for all the obvious reasons and making people more aware while travelling somewhere or using buses, trains, and other public transportation facilities. The vlogger kind of guessed that these women might attempt to steal someone’s money and began to record the entire incident.

After one of the women was done with what they intended to do, the vlogger informed the victim about the same and it led to massive chaos at the metro station. While they initially did not agree with the allegations made against them, people started to shout at them. A man even physically hit them. The situation soon turned out to be an ugly one with the crowd, victims, and thieves shouting at each other at the metro station.

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Netizens Applaud The YouTuber For His Quick Action

Women Pickpocketing Delhi Metro
Picture credit- YouTube/ sintu gupta (@sintugupta)

The YouTuber not only recorded the proof of those women stealing at the crowded Rajiv Chowk metro station but also took steps as fast as possible. Sintu Gupta quickly called the victims from the train and confronted the thieves in front of them. Netizens are happy to see him doing such good work and praise him for filming the video as well.

A comment read, “Aapney bilkul sahi kiya bhai….in choro ko sabak sikhna chahiye” (You did the right thing brother… These thieves should learn a lesson). Someone wrote, “Society needs this type of youngster”. Another comment read, “Good job bro. Take care of yourself while traveling in the metro”.

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Have you ever lost anything while travelling on the metro?

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/ sintu gupta (@sintugupta)

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