Virender Sehwag Recalls The Time Sachin Tendulkar Made Him Eat Uncooked Rice In Australia

by Shreya Ghosh
Virender Sehwag Recalls The Time Sachin Tendulkar Made Him Eat Uncooked Rice In Australia

Virender Sehwag walked down memory lane to share some fun stories with Sachin Tendulkar. It was during the India tour of Australia back in 2003-2004 when the fiery opening duo went to a Japanese restaurant and Sachin made Sehwag try the cuisine for the first time. In a recent interview “Breakfast With Champions” hosted by Gaurav Kapur, Sehwag shared how Sachin took him out for dinner to eat sushi. The hilarious part is that Sehwag did not know what sushi was and it was a fun dinner for sure!

“He Made Me Eat Uncooked Rice” Shared Virender Sehwag


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During the Australian tour in 2003-04, Sachin Paaji said that they will have sushi. Sehwag didn’t know what sushi was so when he asked Sachin about it, he said that they are going to a Japanese restaurant and there will be everything to eat. Not knowing about Japanese cuisine, Sehwag expected to eat dal and roti. This was when he got to know sushi and tried the Japanese dish for the first time. Sehwag’s first reaction to sushi was like eating uncooked rice.

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He had no idea that there is something called sushi before this dining experience. Not just trying Japanese cuisine for the first time, Sachin also taught him to eat Chinese food, use cutlery, try using chopsticks, and more.

The Cricketer Ordered Food After Returning From The Dinner

Virender Sehwag
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Eating sushi for the first time was not a good experience for Sehwag. He felt like eating uncooked rice, as he shared with Gaurav Kapur in the interview. After eating dinner with Sachin, he returned to the hotel and placed an order for burgers and sandwiches to satiate his hunger.

Did you know Sehwag ate only vegetarian food till he was 17-18 years old? His mother and wife are vegetarians. As a child, he could not eat non-veg food at home. When he started going outside of his town to play cricket, he began eating chicken and it seems like he is a huge fan of butter chicken and tandoori chicken.

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Have you ever tried sushi? If yes, how was your first-time experience trying this authentic Japanese dish?

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