Virgin Galactic: A Mom-Daughter Duo, First Olympian With 3 Others Successfully Travelled To Space

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Virgin Galactic: A Mom-Daughter Duo, First Olympian With 3 Others Successfully Travelled To Space

We’ve all dreamed of traveling into space, haven’t we? But well, the dream has come true for some lucky ones. The first group of visitors was sent into space on Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity. The group recently returned safely to Earth. Six people were on board, including Kelly Latimer, the spacecraft’s pilot; CJ Sturckow, a former NASA astronaut; and Beth Moses, chief astronaut instructor for Virgin Galactic. They had prepared the crew for the voyage.

Virgin Galactic Successfully Travelled To Space

Galactic 02, the mission, launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico soon after 11 AM ET. For this trip, a reusable rocket-powered spacecraft was used.

In addition, the spaceship carried three private passengers, including Keisha Schahaff, a health and wellness consultant, and Anastasia Mayers, her 18-year-old daughter. Schahaff and Mayers are the first mother-daughter team to travel to space together.

The mission also records the highest proportion of female astronauts on a single space trip. Jon Goodwin, a former canoeist who competed in the Munich Olympics in 1972, was also aboard the spaceship.

Another intriguing detail to consider is that Goodwin, who is 80 years old, was the first Olympian to travel to space and the second passenger with Parkinson’s illness. He also said that traveling to space while suffering from Parkinson’s is quite wonderful.

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Observing The Earth From Above

According to the reports, during a fundraising competition for Space for Humanity, a non-profit organization aiming to democratize space flight, Schahaff was able to secure a seat for her. Mayers is a student of physics and philosophy at Aberdeen University in Scotland. 

Galactic 02 is a suborbital trip for the spaceship, and although VSS Unity does not reach orbit, the trajectory nevertheless allows passengers to experience several minutes of weightlessness at a height high enough for them to glimpse the curvature of the Earth.

You can see that while the passengers floated in the vessel, they unbuckled from their chairs to peer out the windows and observe the Earth from above. (As per Times Travel)

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