Virgin Galactic Completed Its Final Test For Unity 25 Mission! Here Are The Deets.

Virgin Galactic
by Shreya Rathod

There was a time when astronauts travelled to space to learn more about the solar system. But now, there is a thing called space tourism! A niche of the aviation industry where you can visit space for leisure. Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company that completed its final test flight. They are planning on taking customers on short trips to space.

Virgin Galactic Completes Its Final Test Flight


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Virgin Galactic carried out what will probably be its final test flight for Unity 25 mission on Thursday. And marking the fantastic achievement in the space tourism business on the long road to beginning commercial operations. After the brief up-and-down voyage, which featured a brief period of weightlessness, six business personnel, including two pilots, landed at Spaceport America in southern New Mexico.

The spacecraft was carried by the mother ship for nearly an hour until it reached a height of 44,500 feet, at which point it was let go and activated its rocket motor to make the last push. According to the post shared by Virgin Galactic, it was a successful boost and they declared it reaching space! According to the corporation, it rose to a height of 54.2 miles before descending to the runway.

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Details Of The Mission & Scope Of Space Tourism


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According to a report in the Hindustan Times, a crew member Christopher Huie claimed it appeared as though everything came to a standstill as the spacecraft was released from the carrier aircraft. The crew was confined to their seats when the G-forces increased after a brief jostle caused by the rocket’s launch.

Virgin Galactic has been attempting for more than ten years to transport paying customers on brief space flights, and in 2021 the company finally received approval from the federal authorities. On Thursday, he claimed that witnessing the crew’s responses following landing had given him faith in what the business had already accomplished.

Members of the Italian Air Force will undertake tests on the first commercial flight. Customers who bought tickets for a chance to experience weightlessness on a winged spacecraft.

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Over the past ten years, over 800 tickets have been sold, with the first batch selling for $200,000 each, however, now they cost $450,000.

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