Virtual Wine Tasting Is The Latest Lockdown Trend

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1758

A glass of full-bodied, red wine, with a plate of cheese and your favourite rom-com on TV, can be just the ideal way to spend a during this lockdown. Wine lovers, here’s a lockdown trend you’re bound to love. Virtual wine tasting is the latest lockdown trend. In places like California, winery tasting rooms are shut temporarily. This initially created a disconnect between wine lovers and their favourite drinks. But now winemakers in California, are reaching out to wine lovers through online seminars, live tastings and even cooking classes. Interestingly there are around 80 virtual wine experiences offered by Discover California Wines.

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What’s In It?

Virtual wine tasting sessions are not just happening in California. There are plenty of other places hosting wine events online. This is a great way to educate yourself about your favourite drink. Many winemakers in New South Wales are also conducting virtual wine tasting. Consumers can pre-order drinks and enjoy them alongside the online experience. The right way to hold a wine glass, swirl it before you take a sip, the differences between the different kinds of wine, is a great learning experience. Wine lovers may not be able to opt for a wine class right away but a virtual one is definitely possible.

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The Bacco Wine Bar in Edinburgh has also introduced virtual wine tasting. The local wine bar and shop has launched this. These virtual wine tasting sessions are held to continue to stay in touch with local customers. It’s also conducted as a means to earn a living during these tough times. The wine tasting session features 6 wines that will be delivered to one’s doorstep before the event. On the event day, the customer can have an enjoyable experience similar to a real wine visit.

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What’s More?

So for those of you who couldn’t visit your favourite wineries be it Napa or Sonoma, don’t worry. You have a perfectly pleasant winery experience at the comfort of your home. These virtual wine tasting sessions are also a great way for people to bond and socialize over a glass of wine. Wineries in other US states like New York, Oregon and Maryland have also opted to do the same. So anyone up for a glass of wine?  When you enjoy your wine travel virtually to these Resorts Around The World. 

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