Vistara Replaces A Passenger’s Lost Box Of Mangoes With A New One. Yeh Aam Baat Nahi!

by Tooba Shaikh
Vistara Replaces A Passenger’s Lost Box Of Mangoes With A New One. Yeh Aam Baat Nahi!

Many people lose their valuables while flying. There are many instances where passengers have made complaints about their lost luggage and the airlines have been either indifferent or unresponsive to the complaints. However, today the news we bring you is dissimilar to these instances. A man recently travelled from the city of Pune to Mumbai using Vistara and while doing so, he checked in a box of mangoes. However, the box was lost. What happened next will make the mango-lover in you happy.

Vistara Replaces A Lost Box Of Mangoes With A New One

Abhishek Bhatnagar was excited to travel to Mumbai. And not just because he was going to see his mother. The excitement resulted from the box of mangoes that he had just checked in at the Pune airport that he was bringing to her as a gift. And not just any mangoes, no. He was bringing his mother a box of Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes!

Now, if, like us, you too are a mango enthusiast, you’ll know that the emotional value of this box of mangoes would be even more than if it was a box full of gold. To his dismay, when he arrived at Mumbai airport, he found that he had done so without the box. He was told that the box of mangoes never reached Mumbai.

Disheartened, he took to his Twitter account and sent out a tweet narrating his truly heartbreaking tale to the customer service reps at Vistara and to anybody who would lend an ear to his tale of woe.

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Internet Celebrates Along In His Small Victory

Perhaps Bhatnagar thought that his complaint would fall on deaf ears, but if he did, he would’ve been proven wrong. The Vistara team responded to the tweet and did their best to track the crate of mangoes.

When they couldn’t locate it, they replaced the box of mangoes with a new one. Bhatnagar, overjoyed at such a quick response, shared his good news with Tweeple. Everyone was glad to find out that the airline had taken the best course of action available and heeded his complaints.

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How would you react if your box of mangoes would have been lost or stolen? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @abhishek/Twitter