Chennai-Delhi Vistara Flight Misses Landing At Delhi Airport; Faces Major Turbulence Leaving Passengers “Shocked & Scared”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Chennai-Delhi Vistara Flight Misses Landing At Delhi Airport; Faces Major Turbulence Leaving Passengers “Shocked & Scared”

In an utterly shocking incident, the Chennai-Delhi Vistara flight UK 836 faced massive turbulence and missed landing at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. According to a tweet by the passenger, Sandeep Amar, Founder, PDlab, the entire incident left passengers shocked and scared, but the Vistara crew refused to give any explanation about it and laughed it out. Here’s exactly what happened.

Vistara Chennai-Delhi Flight Misses Landing & Faces Massive Turbulence

Sandeep Amar (@sancalls) took to Twitter to share a harrowing incident he faced while flying from Chennai to Delhi on Vistara. In his tweet, he writes —”MAJOR AIRLINE INCIDENT – UK 836, Chennai to Delhi – massive turbulence and MISSED LANDING ON DEHLI AIRPORT, CAME UPTO THE GROUND AND THEN ABORTED LANDING AND FLEW UP AGAIN, HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE- action needs to be taken.” 

He revealed to Curly Tales that when the flight was approximately 20m away from the tarmac, it missed landing. When he enquired about this to the air hostess, she said nothing. The pilot later announced to the passengers that they had to abort the landing of the Vistara flight and that they shall try re-landing again in 10 minutes. During this duration, Sandeep Amar informs that the flight was extremely turbulent and left passengers shocked and scared to their wits.

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Passengers Were Shocked & Scared!

Sandeep Amar quotes Curly Tales “Everyone shocked and scared as we came within 20-30 meters of ground on airport and the Vistara flight flew back right up. It was shocking and super scary”.

Vistara replied to Sandeep Amar’s tweet by stating “Hello Sandeep, we are very sorry to note this, please allow us some time while we check with our team we assure you the same shall be highlighted to the respective authority on priority. ~Muskaan.” The passenger tagged Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya Scindia and tweeted “Minister Sir, Vistara is trying to cover up the incident, no explanation, no apology – Air crew was laughing – action needs to be taken on Vistara”.

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He also revealed to Curly Tales, “No justification, I asked what happened to the crew, they were laughing Or trying to laugh out the incident”

Well, this is certainly a very serious situation that left passengers on Chennai-Delhi Vistara flight UK 836 extremely shocked and scared. We hope necessary actions are taken to ensure passenger safety.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and @sancalls/ Twitter