Vistara: Man Complains About Drunk Passengers Harassing Women On Flight; Says Crew Ignored The Situation & Made Jokes

by Shreya Rathod
Vistara: Man Complains About Drunk Passengers Harassing Women On Flight; Says Crew Ignored The Situation & Made Jokes

Travelling by flight is more convenient than by bus or train. And talk about the personalised service that you can avail of. But, recently, flights are in the news for the wrong reasons. From peeing on a lady to calling an air hostess ‘a servant’, you will find every bizarre accident and mishap that has happened on the plane. And here’s a new one! This Twitter user has tweeted about his travel experience with Vistara airlines.

Twitter User Shares His Experience Of Flying In Vistara

A Twitter user BhaViTals has shared his experience of travelling with Vistara Airlines in a thread of tweets. According to them, he was travelling by Vistara UK256 and faced the worst experience ever. The flight was from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai and took off at 00:15 AM on March 12th 2023. Apparently, a few passengers travelling on the flight were drunk and had been harassing other passengers, especially the ladies. Despite them being drunk, the crew members didn’t stop serving them drinks. And the crew members were pretending as if nothing happened. They were standing like on-lookers and ignored the situation.

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The user further wrote that Vistara airlines are known for its premium service. And during the off-boarding, the crew members were laughing at the situation instead of being serious. The user has also mentioned the names of the crew members.

Vistara Airlines Replied To This Situation

The Vistara Airlines helpline has reacted to the situation by stating that they do not condone such behaviour and believe in providing a comfortable journey to the passengers. They have asked the Twitter user to message them the flight details so that they can continue their further investigation.

Vistara Airlines is known for its world-class air travel experience but the incident is something that cannot be taken lightly. Serving drinks to people on the flight is nothing new but the menace that people are creating due to excess drinking is becoming a problem. And this isn’t the first time that such a thing has happened.

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There have been multiple incidents where people were so drunk that they had peed over someone.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & @BhaViTals/ Twitter