Vlogger Shares A Parody Video Of How To Travel To Goa Under ₹500 & Comments Are Wildly Funny!

by Tooba Shaikh
Vlogger Shares A Parody Video Of How To Travel To Goa Under ₹500 & Comments Are Wildly Funny!

Travelling is something that the Internet is obsessed with. But travelling requires something that most of us lack, and that something is money. That is why, lately, budget travel videos have been very popular on the Internet. Essentially, the video shows how you can travel to various destinations at a cheaper price, thus saving money. However, some budget travellers seem to take it a bit too far and often make misleading content. This vlogger shared a parody video making fun of such videos.

Hilarious Parody Video Of Budget Travel To Goa Under ₹500


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This particular video was posted on the popular social media platform, Instagram. The video features Sachin Awasthi, a vlogger who makes funny short-form videos. Right from the get-go, it is obvious that he is taking a dig at all the budget travellers who seem to take it too far.

He starts out by setting ₹500 as his budget for his Goa trip, which is wildly unrealistic in today’s economy. He then states that a train ticket from Mumbai to Goa will cost merely ₹90 so getting there is well within the budget. Now this is where the fun begins.

He says that after reaching Goa, you’d probably need a vehicle to get around. Since Goa is ideal for two-wheelers, that is what he recommends. He says that renting won’t be too expensive but if you really want to cut down on expenses, the ideal way is to just steal a random scooter parked outside of homes!

He proceeds to recommend more such shenanigans that end in jail which is where he ends the video with the hilarious ‘like and subscribe’ request.

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Comment Section Is A Laugh-Fest

parody video
Credits: @isachinawasthi/Instagram

If you thought that the video was funny, wait till you scroll through the comments. Imitating the vlogger in the video, one of the comments, seeing the horrible itinerary, said “Kaun nahi jaana chahega aisi trip pe? Aap.” (Who wouldn’t want to go on such a trip? You.)

Another commenter, presumably highlighting how broke they are, said “How did you know my itinerary?” Another comment, highlighting the unreality of the situation, said “Imagine friends, we can go to Goa for only ₹100. Can you picture it? You can? Great, so see you next time!”

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Cover Image Credits: @isachinawasthi/Instagram