Want Flavoured Shaved Ice Drizzled With Creamy Toppings? This Korean Dessert Cafe, So Bingsu In Qatar Needs To Be On Your List!

From sweet to savoury, indulge in the best korean dishes at this dessert cafe in Doha.

by Deeplata Garde
Want Flavoured Shaved Ice Drizzled With Creamy Toppings? This Korean Dessert Cafe, So Bingsu In Qatar Needs To Be On Your List!

Yeoboseyo! Qatar has a Korean Dessert cafe, So Bingsu that offers an array of sweet and savoury treats that are to die for! But what’s so special about this cafe? Well, it offers a range of shaved ice which are topped with flavours you can’t even imagine! Picture this, a bowl full of velvety shaved ice doused with sweet red bean paste and delectable nutty Injeolmi! Can you name a better dessert which is also unique?

Say Hello To So Bingsu, The Unique Korean Dessert Cafe In Doha

Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert consisting of shaved ice topped with various ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk, fruit, syrup, and sometimes ice cream or rice cakes. It is typically served in a large bowl and is enjoyed as a refreshing and indulgent treat, especially during hot weather. Bingsu comes in various flavours and toppings, making it a versatile and customisable dessert option at this cafe.

From unique flavours like Sweet red bean paste, melon and peanut date you can savour some special bingsu in here. For regular you can indulge in strawberry, mango, matcha and more such flavours. They also create festive flavours during Ramadan so keep your eyes peeled for more. Apart from bingsu, they offer a vast variety of delectable dishes. The favourite korean snack Tteokbokki has been given a quirky twist at this Korean dessert cafe in Qatar.

Savoury Dishes Beyond Your Imagination

Get ready to eat Topoki or Tteokbokki in Rose sauce which is the creamy pink sauce we usually eat our pasta in. They also offer dishes like Mala Topoki and Rose Mala Topoki which is highly suggested. Done with your meal and thirsty for a drink? Well, So Bingsu will delight you with a coffee menu that has lattes, americano and more. Not a caffeine person? Don’t fret, So Bingsu extends its drinks menu with some non-coffee options like fruit lattes, tea and more. They also offer nut and oat milk for vegans. Hence, we can conclude that So Bingsu will not disappoint you with variety and that’s assured. Be it taste, quality or quantity, So Bingsu lifts our expectations in every department. So give us one good reason why you shouldn’t visit this amazing Korean dessert cafe in Doha, Qatar. We will wait!

Cover Image Courtesy: So Bingsu/ Instagram

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