Want Home-Cooked Food In UAE? This App Delivers Wholesome Meals To Your Doorstep

by Deeplata Garde
Want Home-Cooked Food In UAE? This App Delivers Wholesome Meals To Your Doorstep

Many of the expat population in UAE stay away from their families. Missing home-cooked food is the basic problem with such crowds. UAE has a plethora of restaurants offering great food, to be sure, but the taste of home-cooked food is unparalleled! So if you belong to this category then download the Santra app right away!

Santra: The App For UAE Patrons To Order Home-Cooked Food

Are you in search of a delightful journey through homemade flavours spanning the Emirates? Perhaps you’re an enterprising culinary artisan with scrumptious dishes to share. If either description resonates with you, then look no further than Santra. Say hello to an ingenious app that forges connections between home-based entrepreneurs and eager UAE patrons.

Santra stands as a channel for bolstering small businesses, relishing in the authentic tastes of homemade creations. It has sources originating from various corners of the Emirates, and embarking on a voyage of culinary exploration. Within its interface, patrons unveil a diverse array of homemade culinary delights and confectioneries.

It encompasses an eclectic spectrum of cuisines and cultures: Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, and beyond. The app extends an invitation to indulge in exclusive offers. You can seamlessly navigate through a secure online payment system during checkout.

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The Journey Of Delivery Of Homely Goodness Started In 2022

Since its inception in 2022, Santra has emerged as a staunch advocate for local enterprises, boasting an impressive 90% of its vendors comprised of Emirati women. Food enthusiasts with a zeal for traversing the Emirates via their taste buds can leverage this app to procure authentic homemade fare. It spans the nation’s culinary landscape and everything is conveniently dispatched within a mere 24 hours.

Each order emerges straight from the kitchen, meticulously packaged for prompt delivery. To access this treasure trove of flavours, customers can simply add location and conclude their transactions with a card. Moreover, the app provides an organized exploration of diverse categories spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, beverages, and beyond.

For aspiring home entrepreneurs seeking to become part of the Santra community, the process is straightforward. By registering through the app, individuals can effortlessly showcase their culinary creations. This involves uploading a comprehensive menu replete with prices, tantalizing photos, and availability details. Easy isn’t it?

So order your favourite home-cooked meal from this food app RN! 

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