Watch: ITC Grand Chola Serves Rasam In Martini Glass; Netizens Ask, “What’s Next? Latte Sambar?”

An Instagram reel shows rasam being steeped in a French press and then served in a Martini glass.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Watch: ITC Grand Chola Serves Rasam In Martini Glass; Netizens Ask, “What’s Next? Latte Sambar?”

Ask any South Indian what rasam means to them. And they’d echo that it’s an emotion. Rasam is the ultimate comfort soup prepared with the goodness of tomatoes, pepper, spices and light tempering. But have you ever heard about rasam being served in a Martini glass? Well, neither have we, until we recently chanced upon a reel filmed at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai. Check it out!

Rasam Steeped In French Press & Served In Martini Glass


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Digital creator Prabhu Visha took to Instagram to share a glimpse of his fine-dining experience at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai. In the reel, a server is seen pouring a mug of piping hot rasam into a French press. It then steeps and filters out the coriander, tomatoes and other coarse ingredients. Next, the clear broth of the South Indian soup is poured into Martini glasses and served to Prabhu Visha and his wife. 
Holding the Martini glass in her hand, his wife mouths, “It’s hot.” She waits for a bit for the drink to cool down and then takes slow sips and looks agreeably at the camera. The digital creator supplements the reel with a caption stating, “Let’s take our Rasam to the next level.”

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To This Bougie Drink

Prabhu Visha states that from weddings to during one’s sickness, rasam is a staple at every South Indian household. While most Indians enjoy it with rice or drink it from a stainless steel cup, this is the first time Prabhu is trying this consumme from a Martini Glass. 
The content creator lauded the hotel for coming up with this unique manner of serving rasam. However, Netizens were left aghast at watching rasam being steeped in a French press and later served in Martini glasses. @_a_radha_na asks, “What’s next? Are you going to Latte Sambar?”
Another Instagrammer called this dish at ITC “heavenly” and “addictive.
Some people slammed the hotel for making rasam bougie and inauthentic. For this, Prabhu Visha quipped if rasam get the right spotlight then he is more than happy. 
Well, Netizens, what do you think of rasam being served in Martini glasses? Is this a yay or nay?
Cover Image Courtesy: prabhuvisha/ Instagram

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