Watch: Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki Relishing Vada Pav; Twitter Reacts

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki Relishing Vada Pav; Twitter Reacts

Indian food has gained immense popularity across the world. Whether it is lip-smacking chole bhature or delicious idli chutney, you will find it in every nook and corner of the globe. One of the popular dishes is vada pav — Maharashtra’s favourite snack! Recently, the Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki was spotted relishing vada pav in Pune. Watch him react to this spicy and fried goodness served with chutneys!

Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki Was Relishing Vada Pav!

Hiroshi Suzuki, the ambassador of Japan to India, recently uploaded a montage of himself enjoying a vada pav in Pune, Maharashtra, in a post expressing his enthusiasm for Indian street food. The ambassador’s excitement as he savoured the tastes of this renowned snack was captured on camera. In the post, he acknowledged his love for Indian food. However, he would like it if the spice level is toned down a little.

Vada pav is a delicacy of Maharashtra, an Indian state. Although it started as a cheap street dish in Mumbai, it is now available in food stands and restaurants all over the country.

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PM Modi Reacts To This Video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was one of the netizens who responded to his articles about checking out Indian street food in Pune. In a tweet, he stated that this is one competition you (Hiroshi Suzuki) would not mind losing. It’s nice to see you appreciate the variety of Indian cuisine and how creatively you offer it. Please continue to post videos.

On Twitter, this video immediately gained popularity. The Japanese envoy was invited to sample some of the local fares by foodies. In fact, people have suggested that he should try Mirchi Bhajji in Hyderabad, Kachori in Bikaner or Mango Mastani!

Additionally, Twitter users suggested he should try Rajasthani cuisine like Dal Bati Churma. Other dishes suggested were Litti Chokha, Chana Bhatura, Golgappa, Ghewar and Bengali sweets. One of the users even applauded him for choosing the famous Garden Vada pav.

Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Suzuki loves Indian food and culture and is often spotted trying out different things like riding the Mumbai local train, street shopping and so on.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Hiroshi Suzuki, Ambassador of Japan/ Twitter