Watch: Mohali Turns Into A White Wonderland; Receives Hailstorm Mirroring Snowfall

Mohali is looking breathtaking with blankets of snow-like hail everywhere.

by Shreya Ghosh
Watch: Mohali Turns Into A White Wonderland; Receives Hailstorm Mirroring Snowfall

Unseasonal rainfall is a natural phenomenon that has been continuing quite often in the past few years. Mohali received major hailstorms recently and the surroundings took very little time to transform into a snowy white world. It might have been hailstorms in the city but it looked so similar to snowfall. Locals and visitors are enjoying a wonderful time witnessing this extravaganza.

Mohali Woke Up To Snowy-Like Surroundings

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, kirandeep Kaur 📖⚔️ (@Ray_deep05) shared snippets of hailstorms in this Punjab city.

The hailstorms were so intense that the grounds, trees, and surroundings were covered with hails looking like blankets of snow. It was the first time in a very long time that something like this happened in the city of Mohali. The most striking and amusing aspect of the storms was how closely the hails mirrored the usual snowfall.

Already shivering in the cold, the temperature took a dip in Mohali after the hailstorms. Looks like the people of this city are experiencing the winter season with all the chills. Nature’s magic of hailstorms looking similar to snowfall surely amused everyone, be it the ones witnessing the surroundings live or Netizens watching videos on the Internet.

Not only Mohali, but different parts of Punjab also experienced unusual weather recently. Cities such as Chandigarh, Manali, and Shimla are seeing a sudden change in weather.

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Netizens Share Pictures & Videos Of White Snowy Landscapes

Punjab experiences a severe winter season every year. The temperature drops quite noticeably in this state and people surely feel the chills and shivering cold and the same is happening this season too. Along with the cold waves, the blankets of dense fog surrounding from all around is also a massive issue like many other places of North India. People of Mohali are too excited to see hailstorms mirroring snowfall. From pictures and videos surfacing on social media platforms, it is a bit hard to find the differences between snowfall and hailstorms initially. Netizens are sharing glimpses of Mohali transforming into a winter wonderland.

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Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ ഡേവിന്ദർ ആനന്ദ് D K ANAND 🐅 (@DAVINDERANAND3)

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