Watch Movie On Three Walls With 270-Degree ScreenX Experience At INOX Megaplex, Malad

by Suchismita Pal
Watch Movie On Three Walls With 270-Degree ScreenX Experience At INOX Megaplex, Malad

The next time you head out to watch an Avatar movie, you can feel like being a part of the Pandora world. Wondering how? India’s first-ever ScreenX theatre at Mumbai’s INOX Megaplex, Inorbit Mall, Malad gives cinephiles an incredibly immersive 270-degree viewing experience. With ScreenX, you can watch the movie on not just one, but three walls of the auditorium. And Avatar on ScreenX is definitely going to be a magnificent experience. Continue reading to know the deets.

Feel Like Being A Part Of The Pandora World With ScreenX

INOX is taking the cinema experience in Mumbai a notch higher with its cutting-edge ScreenX experience. Avatar: The Way of Water is hitting the theatres on 16th December, 2022 and ScreenX is leaving no stone unturned in making the experience absolutely fascinating. With some breathtaking scenes spreading out to the left and right walls, Avatar fans can have a jaw-dropping sensation of being a part of the events happening on screen.

ScreenXThroughout early 2023, ScreenX will spellbind movie buffs with its larger-than-life screening experience. Interestingly, it is the first multi-projection cinematic experience on the globe to transport viewers to a new world through refined imagery.

Grab A Pandorian Treat With A Special Drink

When the most happening Pandorian experience comes with lip-smacking food, nothing can be better. Besides more than 200 menu choices at INOX Megaplex, INOX is all set to delight Avatar fans with a combo Pandorian Treat. The combo will comprise a ‘Vegan Na’vi Burger’ worth ₹180, along with the free ‘Drink of Eywa’ beverage.

ScreenXWell, that’s not all. Mumbai isn’t the only place for experiencing ScreenX. There’s another city too where you can enjoy the gripping adventure. India’s second ScreenX theatre is in Kolkata, at Quest Mall, Park Circus.

INOX Megaplex is the only cinema in the world with 6 different cinema viewing experiences. Besides ScreenX, there is MX4D, IMAX, Samsung Onyx, Insignia and Kiddles. And Avatar fans can enjoy their favourite movie in all these formats

So, gather your pals and be ready to dive into the screens already! Book your ticket NOW on ScreenX only in INOX Megaplex.