Watch Movies While Floating In Water This Summer Season In London

by Yashasvi Shaktawat 749

Under 140 Characters

A Hot Tub Cinema in London gives you an experience of watching movies immersed in a hot tub.

What Is It?

It is London’s answer to flirting and having the time of your life at London’s rooftop with city views and the best company to watching your favourite stars unfold on the big screen.

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What’s In It?

Beer, movies, hot tubs, good company and lots of water is what you’re in for. Experience a magical night immersed in water, watch great films, sing, dance and drink all in a hot tub.

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You can book a whole tub to share with a group of six or you could buy pair tickets. Every tub comes with a tub waiter to be at your service for your every need and desire. The first public Hot Tub Cinema screening was in 2012 and since then it has grown up to include 30 hot tubs. It has two screens and a sound system.


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