Water Babies! Indulge In Scuba Diving at Havelock Island For The Best Experience

by Kritika Kukreja
Water Babies! Indulge In Scuba Diving at Havelock Island For The Best Experience

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Forget Maldives, Mauritius or Seychelles! You can have one of the best experiences of scuba diving right here at Havelock Island.

What Is It?

Havelock Island is Mother Nature’s way of gently nudging all of us into believing that pristine white sandsaquamarine waters and kind people still exist. The epitome of relaxation, Havelock has lots to offer from gorgeous dive sights and beautiful forests to a plethora of diverse birds and even an elephant who loves to swim in the sea.

Havelock is blessed with a rich ecosystem, warm waters and beautiful coral. We recommend scuba diving at Havelock. With well trained instructors, you can ensure a great experience even for non-swimmers and first time divers. You can register for just a beginner’s fun dive or do a four day long dive and get a basic scuba certification and more.

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Popular Locations

Andaman’s capital city, Havelock has numerous diving spots from where one can explore vibrant reefs, unique fish and exotic sea creatures.

1) Aquarium: Beginners can start here, a fringe reef spot where you can see hard corals and various colours of fish.

2) Lighthouse: If you want to get even more adventurous and explore the ocean in the night, this is a famous spot for night diving. Suitable for all levels of divers, this spot goes 6-20 meters deep where one can spot octopus, lobsters, lionfish and interesting species like the Humpback Parrotfish.

3) The Wall: A certain Napoleon Wrasse who is believed to be very friendly to divers, along with Pufferfish and Lionfish are often seen circling the purple, red and yellow corals on ‘The Wall’.

4) Barracuda City: Remember the group of sea turtles from Finding Nemo? Well, you can spot some at ‘Barracuda City’ in Andaman!

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Companies allowing Scuba Diving in Havelock
1. DIVEIndia
2. Barefoot Scuba 
3. Andaman Bubbles

Best Time: Most sites accessible all year long, however January – March and September – December is best for maximum exploration.
Cost: ₹3000 to 40,000

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