Water In Venice’s Grand Canal Turn Fluorescent Green Mysteriously; Netizens Play Sherlock!

Venice Grand Canal
by Tooba Shaikh

In an unusual and interesting turn of events, Venice’s iconic Grand Canal has mysteriously turned bright or fluorescent green. Authorities are unsure of the cause of such an unusual and curious occurrence. There are a number of theories and explanations that people are coming up with in order to make sense of what happened in the Canal. Some think that it might just be because of natural phenomena such as algae but others disagree.

Venice’s Grand Central Turn Fluorescent Green Mysteriously

In one of the more shocking events, water in the iconic Grand Canal of Venice has turned green. The phenomenon has left everybody, from authorities to civilians, absolutely stunned. A number of people have attempted to explain away the incident, however, so far, no explanation has sufficed.

According to an article published by NPR, Andrea Pegoraro, who is the City Councilman, blamed climate activists. In the past, climate activists have been known to resort to such methods in order to send a message and provoke authorities into action.

Of late, they had taken to targeting Italian cultural sites such as this one and many including the councilman believed that they were behind it. However, Ultima Generazione, a group which has, in the past, poured charcoal in Rome’s fountains in protest, denied any responsibility. They said they weren’t behind this particular action.

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Police Investigations Are Underway

This particular incident took place on the 28th of May, Sunday. Venetians woke up and witnessed this perplexing view and reported it to the authorities. Since then, the police as well as the fire department have teamed up with local environmental authorities to identify what is up with Venice’s water.

So far, they haven’t been able to find an adequate explanation but they have managed to find that the water isn’t poisonous or harmful in any way. This means that it poses no danger to humans. Some people have mentioned that this hue may be due to an algae or a fungus or some other natural phenomenon. However, nothing can be said so far for sure.

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Cover Image Credits: @Feher_Junior/Twitter