We Bet After This Ultimate Golgappa Video Essay You’re Not Gonna Look At It The Same Way Again

by Shreya Rathod
We Bet After This Ultimate Golgappa Video Essay You’re Not Gonna Look At It The Same Way Again

Golgappa for Delhiites, Pani Puri for Mumbaikars and Phuchka for Kolkatans — no matter what we call this crunchy, spicy and tangy chaat item, it still tops the list of our favourite street food! This dish is a matter of pride and people are sensitive to the topic of which city serves it the best. Taking this dedication a step further, this artist has written a golgappa essay — in fact, made an elaborate video essay on it!

Ever Saw A Golgappa Video Essay?

Love for golgappas can be understood, but Anurag Minus Verma, an artist, has taken it to another level. He posted an absolutely funny video on Instagram of golgappa essay. The video starts with the voice-over saying that he got the opportunity to write an essay on golgappas. It further states that these golgappas are the LSD drug for many. Those who read books by Shashi Tharoor and Arundhati Roy imagine this chaat in a fancy setting. Whereas those who cry over Prateek Kuhad’s songs prefer chocolate golgappas.

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The video further comments on the shape of golgappa puri and it is compared to planets. Like that wasn’t enough, ragada, aloo and chana are said to be the citizens of this planet! And commenting on the middle-class mentality of golgappa eaters, the video points out that these people think asking for extra ‘sukkha puri’ is their birthright!

According to the video, even eating golgappa is a scientific process as you need to calculate your and the vendor’s speed. And if even one person is eating slowly, then others’ speed is compromised.

An Extremely Funny Description

Netizens are laughing their heads off while rolling on the ground after listening to this comical yet slightly logical analysis of golgappas. Half of them lost their control after hearing ragda being compared to a volcano! And most of them understood the sukkha puri joke — truly that is our fundamental right! Others are praising the outstanding ability of the writer to form such a wonderful essay.

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We would like to know if you ever thought of such an essay. If not, then comment below and share your thoughts after watching the video!

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