We Bet You Never Thought That These Five Dishes Would Taste Better With Appy Fizz

by Vidisha Khaitan

Remixes are the 2020 trend. Tamma Tamma to Ishq Tera Tadpave are all chartbusters, but we have a remix that will make all others seem dull. Cautionary warning: food is involved. We have a remixed ingredient that’s going to spice up your life, or sweeten it, whatever you like. Drum roll… The ingredient is Appy Fizz! @feelthefizz is really mixing things up with their most recent #ArtofFizz campaign. We decided to mix things up ourselves to show you a good time. We’ve got 5 ways you can give a new spin to old food for sensations your taste buds have never known. In exchange, you have to show us how it fairs out for you. We’ll show you ours if you show us yours!

Red Velvety Appy Fizz Cupcakes

Soda yes, velvet yes, what’s not to like? It’s like making baking easier, tastier and cheaper. Replace 2 ingredients with one and make all our lives easier. Thank you, #ArtofFizz! There are a hundred ways to do this, but we’ll just tell you the best ones. First is to simply replace regular soda with Appy Fizz for a spinoff. Second is to get ready made dry cake mix and just add Appy Fizz before baking. Third and the most special X factor is to make Appy Fizz butter cream. Yes, frosting and butter cream in Appy is de-lish. Reduce Appy Fizz to a syrup by boiling, and replace sugar in your regular butter cream recipe for a tasty twist. If you don’t have the perfect oven, don’t fret. Heat up a huge pan with a built-in lid, place the batter pan inside the bigger pan, cover and wait for the magic to happen. We told you Appy Fizz makes baking easier. Guests will go Ga-Ga.

Grandma’s Apples, Potatoes and Bacon

Image Credit: epicurious (for rep)

Everybody knows and loves the traditional damp day comfort food. If you haven’t tried it, the flavour is not hard to imagine. Now, it’s time for this timeless iconic dish to be served afresh as a 2020 remix. That’s the #ArtofFizz this November. The recipe is threefold but Appy does the job in one go. Soak the apples in Appy Fizz and then proceed normally. When the Appy’ed apple begins to diffuse in the potatoes and bacon, your homely everyday will go over the edge with just the little extra kick you were looking for in this winter/monsoon favourite. Remixes are a good thing.

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Fizz Ice Cream Rolls Remix

Appy Fizz

Image Credit: YouTube (for rep)

It’s a thing. Really. It is a thing, guys! Do you know how ice cream rolls are made? Let us jog your memory. Steel table laced with ice, pour liquid on top, beat and roll. Simply replace the milky liquid with fuzzy apple and voila. Genius, we know. Don’t take our word for it, just ask your next-door ice cream bhaiya to save his resources and serve you a special. You will not be disappointed, shocked and surprised, yes, but not at all disappointed. This is top notch amazeballs #ArtofFizz fusion.

Cider-braised Chicken with Apples and Kale

Image Credit: epicurious (for rep)

It’s time for the main course. Tuck in your napkins because the mark of a good meal is when you get sauce on your dress/tie. We’re that sure. What is cider made of? Guess what you can replace it with? Exactly! This dish is complex so follow the recipe closely off the internet. YouTube is buzzing with this people pleaser. They say mustard-rubbed chicken gets super tender when braised in apple cider and white wine. We tried what they said, and they were right. The secret magic is in the cider so it’s important we get that right. Lucky for us, all we had to do is mix the spices in Appy Fizz and our home-made cider is ready to rumble. The leftover mix of Appy Fizz and white wine after cooking will be used for the sauce too. Just add some cream and mustard, and boil until the texture is right.

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H-Appy Raisins Christmas Cheer

Appy Fizz

Image Credit: manjuseatingdelights (for rep)

This is by far the most festive. Thanksgiving, Christmas and cake all wrapped in one giant H-Appy bow are just waiting to go viral. Soak raisins in Appy Fizz and get Fizzy with art! If you’re one of those we need to convince food is art, then please leave. Just kidding, change your ideologies! We’ve got you now. The most basic plum cakes are now going to bloom into gourmet goodness because we’ve got a taste tingle for every jingle. We are also corny. Down to bizz: soda yes, raisins yes, we do like it. Hop on the Christmas wagon; the destination is the #ArtofFizz this year. The journey is fizzy too because who wants to be a basic you know what.

Bonus Appy Cocktail Fizz

Appy Fizz

Image Credit: healthylittlepeach (for rep)

Easy peasey Appy breezy. We have a party punch that is perfect for Christmas eve, Friday night or Monday morning. The best part is that the virgin vibe is just as good for the little ones going out in town during the family season. Throw in some cranberry juice, some Appy Fizz, some pineapple juice, vodka/gin/liquor of choice or do what we did and mix them up too. With a splash of lemon juice, you have in your hand a blushing Christmas cocktail fantasy. What are we here for if not to make your hosting dreams come true. Amp it up with crushed ice and fresh apples and cranberries for garnishing and Insta moments. If you like a subtle flavour you can also add some sprite and gingerale, just follow your #ArtofFizz instincts.

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We always give you more than promised and no meal is complete without drinks. Try them out now so you’re all ready to host your next party. If you love these simple prodigies and can’t get enough like us, then help us in our aim to revolutionize the food world. Come up with more such concoctions and tell us about it. In fact, tell Appy Fizz about it and whatever else you’re remixing! Follow @FeelTheFizz on Instagram and get cooking. We promise your voice will be heard and #ArtofFizz rewarded. Keep a tab on us for further updates, cooking hacks and DIYs!

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