We Challenge You To Finish 2.5 Pounds Of Cheesy Lasagna Within 20 Minutes!

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
We Challenge You To Finish 2.5 Pounds Of Cheesy Lasagna Within 20 Minutes!

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Are you a cheese lover? Then finish this 5 Pounds of Cheesy Lasagna in 20 minutes and tune into Curly Tales presents You VS Food Challenge!

What Is It?

Do you think you have it in you to emerge as a winner against food? Then participate in the You VS Food challenge by Curly Tales and become a winner!

The challenge takes place at The Hudson Cafe on Hudson Lane in GTB Nagar, North Delhi. It is a 2-month long challenge that involves participants competing to finish the 5 Pounds of Cheesy Lasagna.

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What’s In It?

The bowl of lasagna will be divided into two equal parts for each contestant. The Lasagna includes 1.5 Kg of Vegetables, 500 gms of cheese, 1 Kg of white sauce that is layered into 7-8 sheets. The original price of the lasagna at the cafe is ₹699. The winner will get a food voucher worth ₹800 valid for 3 months at the Hudson Cafe.

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How To Participate

Think you’re the ultimate foodie? Would you like to participate in the upcoming challenge? Stay tuned on our Instagram handle for more announcements or write to us on hey@curlytales.com.


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