We Explored The Lanes Of Delhi’s Janpath And Green Park With Dolly Singh And Here’s Everything We Ate

by Tooba Shaikh

Dolly Singh’s impersonations are loved by everyone on social media. In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani explored the streets of south Delhi with Dolly Singh to try some of her favourite food options. If like us, you love Dolly Singh and can’t get enough of her, then you’ll love this episode. Watch her talk about her life before she became a social media star and some of her favourites from Delhi street food.

South Delhi Street Food With Dolly Singh

In this fun new episode of Tere Gully Mein, Kamiya Jani and Dolly Singh take to the streets of south Delhi in search of its best food. Dolly takes Kamiya to some of her favourite food joints while reminiscing about her college days. She also spills the tea on how she met her current boyfriend. Read on to find out more!

1. Dolly Singh Ate Rajma Chawal From This Stall Four Times A Week

with Dolly Singh
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The first place that Dolly took us to was the rajma chawal stall outside her former college, the National Institute of Fashion Management (NIFT). She recounted her old college memories of when she first came to college. She recalls eating rajma chawal from that stall at least four times a week during her college days because it was so cheap and tasty. Who doesn’t remember their broke college days when every cheap food stall seemed like a godsend?

2. Muradabadi Biryani With Laal Chutney

with Dolly Singh
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How can any food trip be complete without biryani – the unofficial national dish of India? So Dolly took us to her favourite biryani joint, Arif’s Biryani Corner. Her typical order there is Muradabadi Biryani with their famous laal chutney. Dolly, the adventurous eater said that she loves to douse her biryani in the laal chutney.

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3. Momos And Chutney With Coffee

with Dolly Singh
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Any trip to Delhi that doesn’t include momos is incomplete. So next, Dolly took us to try out her favourite momos at Chinky’s Momo, Janpath. Her favourite pairing with the dish is coffee from Depaul’s.

How Dolly Met Her Boyfriend

Dolly also spilled the beans on how she met her boyfriend. Did you know that when they first met, her boyfriend did not know who Dolly Singh was? But in his defence, Dolly did have a policy of not going out with anybody who was familiar with her social media image. So when he discovered her presence on the internet, she instituted a one-video-per-day policy which he diligently followed. We stan a boundary-respecting king!

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