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by Sanjana Shenoy
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Your favourite influencer Dolly Singh is a massive foodie. Yes, she might be really lean and fit, but she credits her good metabolism for this. In the latest episode of our Curly Tales show, Tere Gully Mein, Dolly Singh took our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani on a food trail across her favourite joints in South Delhi. From gorging her favourite Rajma Chawal to tucking into comforting biryani, here’s what happened.

Dolly Singh Used To Eat 1 Kg Biryani From Aarif Biryani Corner

Dolly Singh treated Kamiya Jani to her favourite biryani at Aarif Biryani Corner. She revealed that the name of this joint has changed 3 times, which left her sceptical about its taste post-pandemic. But thankfully, the biryani has always tasted good. Dolly ordered her go-to dish Muradabadi Biryani with fiery red chutney at Aarif Biryani Corner. She often orders chicken biryani from this joint all the way to Gurugram.

dolly singh

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While you’re supposed to mix the biryani with a little bit of red chutney, Dolly prefers to pour the entire bowl of red chutney into her biryani and eat it all together. But she warns it’s a wild way of eating it and advised her fans not to do so as it can be a tricky situation the next day. Kamiya Jani liked the Muradabadi biryani by itself or even with a little chutney. During her college days in NIFT, Dolly Singh ate 1 kg of biryani from Aarif Biryani Corner, in one sitting. Yes, she isn’t kidding!

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She Also Treated Kamiya Jani To Her Favourite Momos & Cold Coffee

Apart from gorging on biryani at Aarif Biryani Corner, the duo also gorged on chicken momos at Chinky Momos, which they paired with cold coffee from Depaul’s. It was fun to watch Kamiya and Dolly getting attention from foodies from selfies and meeting fans near Janpath Market. This Tere Gully Mein episode will leave you bookmarking Dolly Singh’s favourite food spots in Delhi. And who knows you may even meet the Insta-influencer gorging on her favourite snacks. So, watch this video ASAP!

And also, let us know if you’ve visited any of her favourite food joints. Do you like biryani from Aarif Biryani Corner or momos from Chinky Momos? Let us know in the comments below.

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