We Jumped From The World’s Highest Bungee Point In Macao!

by Natasha Monteiro
We Jumped From The World’s Highest Bungee Point In Macao!

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The world’s highest bungee point lies a whopping 764 feet off the ground at Macau Tower and jumping off it is the craziest thing you can add to your bucket list.

What Is It?

AJ Hackett in Macao is celebrating 80 years of getting people to jump straight to the ground and conquer their fears. The world’s highest commercial bungee point lies 233 meters off the ground. To give you perspective, that’s 61 floors high up in the air and the tallest building of Macao looks tiny from the bungee point. Pretty scary huh?

In an ultimate free fall experience, a sphere shaped cord carries you all the way to the ground – in just 4-6 seconds! The equipment is top notch as are the trainers and if there is one thing I’d recommend, it is to make that jump.

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Image Courtesy: AJ Hackett

What Else?

For those who just don’t want to bungee, you can also try the Sky Walk which is quite a thrilling experience. Imagine yourself 764 feet of the ground on a railing that’s just 1.8 metres wide with absolutely no railing! Phew! You can also try doing the Tower Climb which is pretty darned exciting.

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Standard bungy jump: ₹32,288
Skywalk: ₹6,400
Tower Climb: ₹18,523