We Learnt The Art Of Zardozi At National Zari House In Madhya Pradesh

by Tania Tarafdar 1282

There are beautiful things and then there are things with Zardozi on it which…just make your jaw drop. From wedding outfits to shoes to bags anything touched by the art of this golden embroidery turns to nothing short of gold. In this episode of MP Ki Galliyon Mein MP Ki Kahaaniyan, we learn about the Art of Zardozi from the people who have decades of experience in this craft. We learn about the history of this intricate craft at National Zari House and get a glimpse of Zardozi karigari at Zari Centre near Moti Masjid. We would be lying if we said that we just “learnt” about Zardozi and didn’t buy anything. Find out what all we bought and what all you will buy when you visit Bhopal.