We Tested Atul Kulkarni’s Knowledge About Mumbai With A Rapid Fire, And Turns Out…

Atul might not like questions in the rapid fire form but rapid fire likes him!

by Ankita Mazumdar
We Tested Atul Kulkarni’s Knowledge About Mumbai With A Rapid Fire, And Turns Out…

Actor Atul Kulkarni is the winner of multiple national awards and is among the most versatile entertainers in the film industry. His outstanding skills and talent as an actor have made a mark on the film industry. On this interesting episode of Tere Gully Mein, Atul Kulkarni joined Arohi Thatte, our anchor, to explore Girgoan and talk endlessly about Mumbai and Maharashtra. He volunteered to show us his passport when we asked him to identify himself as a Mumbaikar without really saying so. He is technically correct but what he said after that was a perfect mic-drop moment!

Atul Kulkarni’s Knowledge About Mumbai Was Tested

While we were at Sujata Upahar Gruha polishing off a great Maharashtrian thali, we couldn’t help but play an interesting rapid fire with Atul Kulkarni. During this entire video, he raved about Maharashtrian food so much that we tested his knowledge about Mumbai, the city of dreams. Arohi said, “I want to know how much of Mumbai do you know?” Atul quickly told us that knows very little about this city. Well, we let the rapid-fire handle this.

We started with the question, “When did Bombay officially become Mumbai?” Atul Kulkarni straight-up replied with “No clue” but then went on to say that he doesn’t remember the exact year. He told us that he knew he came to Mumbai when this transition happened and he was in Mumbai in 1995. 1995 is the correct answer to the question. Surprisingly, we got to know that he is an atheist when we asked him about the biggest Ganpati pandal in Mumbai.

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Atul let us know that he does not go to pandals at all and isn’t aware of the biggest Ganpati pandal. He has only heard about the Lalbaugcha Raja. To this, Arohi told him that it was the biggest one. Atul also said that this was just general knowledge and he didn’t actually know the answer. Hmm, it seems like he did know about Mumbai, even if it is with guesswork, he was absolutely giving correct answers.

He Wants To Fire This Person With Real Guns

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Right before we started with this fun rapid-fire game, he had a request for us.  The great Atul Kulkarni requested Curly Tales, how could we not follow it? But turns out he just declared to us that he would like to terminate the guy who actually came up with the idea of rapid fire. He said, “I want to fire that person with real guns.” We couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

He doesn’t like rapid fire because they can be misleading and people are going to judge him on just a series of questions. Well, we do understand that but it is a fun game and he did participate and even passed with flying colours. So no one really judged you, Atul. We then requested him to identify himself as a Maharashtrian without telling us that he was a Maharashtrian. He gave us a mic-drop moment by replying, “Have you seen Natarang?”

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Woah! That’s how you end an episode.

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