We Visited The Mountain-Locked Indo-Myanmar Border In Nagaland And It’s Breathtaking

by Shreya Ghosh
We Visited The Mountain-Locked Indo-Myanmar Border In Nagaland And It’s Breathtaking

India is home to infinite destinations to explore while some are crowded throughout the years, others are quite underrated. And Nagaland is one of India’s most beautiful underrated states to explore. Surrounded by lush greenery all around, the state shows the magnificence of nature in its truest form. The best part is that the vibrant natural beauty of this place is still flourishing without anything disturbing it. A trip to Nagaland is always a visionary and Curly Tales Content Creator Neha Nambiar explored different corners of the state on her 8-day holiday.

Neha Nambiar Visited The Shilloi Lake In Nagaland

Lake Shilloi is the largest natural lake in the state and this is a must-visit for endless reasons. The views from here will relax and rejuvenate your soul with its mesmerising beauty. It seems like a thick blanket of the forest is surrounding you from all around and you are taking a dip in utmost tranquility. We will get tired of finding a suitable adjective to describe the beauty of Shilloi Lake and its surroundings. The serene vibes in every corner here will make you feel refreshed and prepared for an amazing day ahead.

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Nagaland is home to so many such alluring destinations that the world is unaware of. If you have not explored yet, you surely need to travel to this North Eastern state.

Seeing The Indo-Myanmar Border Was Also On The Itinerary

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The next stop on this day of exploring Nagaland was the Laxman Rekha of India and Myanmar. Just before the international border of Myanmar, Avankhung is the last Indian village between both countries. And this is where you get to witness majestic views of the Myanmar mountains and River Tizu flowing by. In fact, this is exactly where you need to be to see Myanmar, only a few metres away.

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To experience offbeat travel experiences on nature’s lap far far away from bustles and noise, Nagaland is a marvellous destination to explore. Check out this Curly Tales exclusive episode of I Love My India to prepare the best itinerary for your holiday in this beautiful Indian state.

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