We Walked Through The Historic Lanes Of Bhopal Once Ruled By Begums

by Tania Tarafdar

If there’s any city in India whose lanes breathe its rich history into the air then it is Bhopal. In this new episode of MP Ki Galliyon Mein MP Ki Kahaniyan, we walk through the history-laden lanes of Bhopal which were once ruled by Begums. From the ever famous Moti Masjid to the gorgeous Gauhar (Gohar) Palace were built by Begums. Qudisya Begum, the first woman to rule over Bhopal, built the Gauhar Palace and Sikandar Begum built the Moti Masjid. And how can this episode be if we did not visit an Itr (royal perfume) shop, the historical Lyall Book depot, established in 1956, and the Ekbal Maidan named after Mohamad Ekbal, the writer of Saare Jahan Se Achha. Every corner of Bhopal has a story to tell and to hear them you will have to come here.