Welcome To The Dark Side! Parle-G Launches ‘Dark’ Flavour & It’s Raining Memes On The Internet

Pictures of Dark Parle-G broke the Internet and Netizens are showering memes on the new chocolatey version of the iconic biscuit.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Welcome To The Dark Side! Parle-G Launches ‘Dark’ Flavour & It’s Raining Memes On The Internet

Every so often, there comes a time when an iconic brand does something unconventional, unexpected and even unheard of. India’s favourite tea-time biscuit brand, Parle-G has just unveiled a new chocolatey flavour — Dark Parle-G. Promising “delicious chocolatey” flavour Parle-G now has a dark avatar with distinct black and red packaging and dark brown, almost black-hued biscuits. Netizens have gone into a tizzy and many started showering Dark Parle-G memes on the Internet. Check it out!

Dark Parle-G Hits The Market & Netizens Are Shik, Shak & Shocked

Parle-G fans welcome to the dark side! Our beloved Parle-G has launched a mysterious new chocolatey variant. Despite no official announcement from brand, a post on X has gone viral in no time. Garnering thousands of retweets and likes within hours, Indians are quite surprised to see its new avatar, Dark Parle-G. From the distinct packaging to the biscuity hue resembling Oreo, it has caught quite the attention of Netizens.

KGF Universe To Dark Mode, Best Memes On The Internet For You

Here are some of the best Dark Parle-G memes we’ve found on the Internet for you.

We’re guilty of using the dark mode on our phones to make it easy on our eyes. But what’s with Parle-G going into dark mode?

What in the multiverse of madness is this?!


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If only we knew how it tastes! Parle-G over Oreo any day!

That’s what happens when dark humour takes over our lives!

Trust director Prashant Neel to launch a new biscuit to market future KGF and Salaar films!

’90s kids know that adulting is hard and life gets “dark”!

Did the Parle-G girl and the biscuit get sunburnt already?

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Well, the memes have us ROFLing yet craving a bite of the new chocolatey biscuit.

Cover Image Courtesy: @Jigarr96/ X

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