West Bengal’s Mayapur Will House World’s Largest Hindu Temple And Here’s Everything To Know!

by Sanmita A
West Bengal’s Mayapur Will House World’s Largest Hindu Temple And Here’s Everything To Know!

Come 2023 and the world will witness the largest Hindu temple in West Bengal’s Mayapur. The temple is currently under construction and is slated to be ready by next year. This temple will also be one among the tallest Hindu temple structures in the world. This Hindu temple is called Temple of the Vedic Planetarium and will have the headquarters of the a known Hindu society, International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). This massive temple is being constructed approximately 130 km from Kolkata city.

Most Expensive Temple Structure With 10,000 People Capacity

With its World’s largest Hindu temple tag, also comes unique features and architecture. As per reports, this Hindu temple is being constructed with the direction of Bhagavata Purana. The temple will denote the planetary system and its functioning in the puranas. What makes this temple further innovative is that the temple will allow visitors and devotees understand Vedic planetary system quoted in the puranas. Another ISKCON temple, one of the first Chandrodaya Temple is also located in Mayapur itself.

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Mayapur Hindu Temple To Be Bigger Than St. Paul’s Cathedral In Vatican City & Angkor Wat In Cambodia

As per reports, this temple will be the biggest ever in the world and its dome will surpass Agra’s Taj Mahal as well. It is also said that this Hindu temple’s dome in Mayapur will also surpass the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Vatican City. This Mayapur temple is a true marvel in the making. The Angkor Wat complex which is the biggest religious monument in the world will too, be replaced by this wonder in Mayapur.

Largest Hindu Temple

As per TOVP.ORG, ‘The temple 45-acre frontage will be adorned with luscious gardens and attractive walkways, interwoven with calming water displays and fountains, yajna-shalas, gazebos and sitting areas, all surrounded by the residential quarters, ashrams, shops, restaurants and schools of the expanding Mayapur city.’

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