What Are Futurevores? And Why Does It Sound So Familiar? Find Out!

by Shreya Ghosh
What Are Futurevores? And Why Does It Sound So Familiar? Find Out!

Many people are choosing veganism as their lifestyle for the love of animals and interestingly, this number is exponentially increasing. In between so many people shifting their lifestyles, James Cameron came up with a term for all vegans. The Canadian filmmaker named vegans “futurevore” and this is his effort to influence and remodel the veganism lifestyle. Want to know about James Cameron’s take on futurevores? Read on…

Why Did James Cameron Choose The Word Futurevores?

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The Canadian filmmaker shared his opinion about veganism and this new term during an interview with G2. He believes that vegans’ eating habits are something that will be chosen by people in the future. Slowly more and more people will start choosing this lifestyle whereas vegans are doing it for a long time. And he chose the word “futurevores” for vegans because of how people’s eating habits will change in the upcoming future.

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In this interview, he also shared how veganism has helped him to stay at its best. He is a vegan for the past 10 years and he stayed away from all sorts of animal products during the past decade. This helped him to be healthy, in fact, healthier than ever.

James Cameron Has Been A Massive Influence When It Comes To Veganism

The filmmaker has been a part of some movies that primarily focus on veganism and its significance. It is true that there are many misconceptions and myths about the vegan lifestyle among the masses, but such content on veganism might be helpful for many to clear out some confusion. He remained a part of some documentaries and movies that highlighted the benefits of a plant-based diet and how meat and non-vegetarian food can affect one’s health. Some of his notable works focusing on such ideas are The Game Changers and Eating You Alive.

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Choosing veganism and becoming vegan rather “futurevores” is completely one’s choice. While some are happy following a rich animal product-based diet, others found vegan food items very helpful. It is necessary to eat the right and healthy food to live an active life. Are you choosing to become a futurevore or are you happy with consuming animal products? Let us know!

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