What Are Gigantic Jets, A Unique Phenomena That Occurred Over The Himalayas In China & Bhutan?

NASA’s 'Picture of the Day' recently captured a unique form of lightning that seems to defy the laws of nature as it shoots up.

by Tashika Tyagi
What Are Gigantic Jets, A Unique Phenomena That Occurred Over The Himalayas In China & Bhutan?

In a rare occurrence, a series of gigantic jets were captured over the Himalayan Mountains between China and Bhutan. In a picture shared by NASA, four lightning discharges can be seen occurring within minutes of each other. This phenomenon is quite unique as it defies the laws of nature and sees upside-down lightning.

Rare Gigantic Jets Captured Over The Himalayas By NASA

gigantic jets

NASA’s recent ‘Picture of the Day’ has caught the attention of people all across the world. Capturing a rare and breathtaking moment, the picture sees gigantic jets soaring over the Himalayan Mountains. The event occurred in the mountains straddling the border between China and Bhutan. This phenomenon is unique as the jets blasted upwards instead of going down. What’s also interesting is that the gigantic jets form thunderstorms over a height of 80 kilometres.

According to a Moneycontrol report, gigantic jets are a relatively recent discovery in the field of atmospheric phenomena. In fact, they were documented only in the 21st century. Also, unlike cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning, these jets bridge the gap between thunderstorms and the Earth’s ionosphere. That’s why they are able to soar high above the storm clouds.

NASA published these pictures on June 18. It shows the rare beauty and complexity of the astronomical world. The lower portions of these jets are blue in colour, while their upper sections are red in colour and extend to the upper atmosphere.

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What Are Gigantic Jets & How Do They Occur?

gigantic jets
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Gigantic jets are a unique and powerful type of lightning that can extend from the top of a cloud to the edge of space. This is a type of lightning discharge that occurs between some thunderstorms and the Earth’s ionosphere high above them. If you wish to see this phenomenon, then you can catch them after a powerful thunderstorm from a clear location, but from a distance.

As of now, the precise mechanisms and triggers behind these jets are still unknown. However, it is believed that they occur to balance the electrical charge between different layers of the atmosphere. However, there are studies going on to understand the occurrence and reason for the occurrence of gigantic jets.

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Cover Image Courtesy: website/NASA

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