What Caused The Recent Mathura Train Derail? Here’s All You Need To Know

by Shreya Ghosh
What Caused The Recent Mathura Train Derail? Here’s All You Need To Know

A recent train accident in Mathura has shaken everyone. According to reports and news, an electric multiple-unit train got derailed and climbed on the Mathura railway station platform on Tuesday. A major probe has been conducted to investigate the scary train accident. Recently, some revelations have been made about it. Some employees have been suspended as well. Here’s all about what happened with the train.

What Really Happened That Led To The Train Derail Incident At Mathura Railway Station?

Here’s a video shared by Harsh Tyagii (@tyagiih5) on the X (formerly Twitter) platform that shows a staffer using his mobile phone while controlling the train. The video showing the employee’s negligence is going viral on the Internet.

The name of this person is Sachin. Not only he was just scrolling through his mobile phone on duty on that day, but he was also mildly drunk, according to a report by Business Standard. The viral footage clearly shows how the employee is not properly concentrating and scrolling through his mobile. The train starts running towards the Mathura railway station platform and it happens only some time after he takes over.

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The investigation into this case revealed how the train moved towards and got involved in the derail accident. As shown in the video, Sachin entered the main coach and kept his bag on the engine’s throttle. He was so into his mobile that he did not see that the force of his bag had led the throttle to change into the forward position. Following this, the train began moving close to the railway platform, according to a report by LiveMInt.

Following the accident, concerned people did a breathalyser test on Sachin. It revealed that he was mildly drunk as the test reading was 47 mg/100 ml.

Gladly, no lives loss of lives were reported.

What Were The Reported Damages?

Here’s a video of the train involved in the derailing accident shared by VK News Graphics (@graphics_news).

The train accident broke the buffer dead end of the railway platform. It also broke the half of the coach. Along with these damages, the train climbed on platform number 2, according to the Business Standard report. This also broke the overhead wire.

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Sachin and 4 other staff have been suspended due to the Mathura station’s train derailing accident.

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ VK News Graphics (@graphics_news)