What Happened On The LATAM Airlines Flight That Suddenly Dropped In Altitude Leaving Passengers Stuck To Roof?

Passengers on board a LATAM Airlines flight to Auckland were accidentally thrown high into the flight ceiling.

by Shreya Ghosh
What Happened On The LATAM Airlines Flight That Suddenly Dropped In Altitude Leaving Passengers Stuck To Roof?

Travelling on flights is said to be one of the most comfortable modes of transportation. Sitting on cushioned seats and reaching your destination as fast as possible seems like a fascinating plan all the time. Unfortunately, air travel often faces some inconveniences even after following security and safety protocols. Recently, passengers on the flight experienced some horrible experiences.

LATAM Airlines Passengers Injured After An In-Flight Incident

LATAM Airlines
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

A LATAM Airlines plane took off from Sydney to travel to Auckland in New Zealand on Monday. Due to an unfortunate technical event, the on-board passengers faced strong movement and injuries as well. According to different reports circulating online, about 50 people suffered injuries following the incident on the flight from Australia to New Zealand.

Injured flyers on the plane shared how they were literally thrown high inside the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and were stuck to the roof. The plane was about an hour away from its destination, the Auckland International Airport. Some passengers flew to the ceiling for not wearing their seatbelts as well. According to a report by the NZ Herald, passengers talked about the aircraft losing its altitude for a few seconds and pushing many passengers and crew members into the roof. They hit the ceiling.

After the plane landed at the Auckland International Airport, Hato Hone St John units, major incident support team vehicles, and ambulances, rushed to the place. The paramedics treated around 50 injured passengers. They took 1 patient to Auckland City Hospital. 1 injured passenger was admitted to Starship Hospital and 10 others were admitted to the Middlemore Hospital.

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The Airline Released A Statement Following The Flight Chaos!

LATAM Airlines
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Soon, LATAM Airlines released a statement following the terrifying incident. According to the statement, there was a “technical event during the flight” that led to a “strong movement”. The airline regretted all the unfortunate inconveniences and injuries and the mass chaos.

The strong movement and the sudden drop of the flight for a few seconds turned out to be the worst flight experience for most passengers on that flight bound for Auckland.

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Have you travelled with LATAM Airlines before? If yes, how have been your experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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