What Is Cyclone Ilsa? All You Need To Know About Its Impact, Evacuation & More

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is Cyclone Ilsa? All You Need To Know About Its Impact, Evacuation & More

Australia just got hit by a severe cyclone named Ilsa. The horrifying cyclone has led to creating problems for the people living in the affected parts of the country. After the cyclone was seen approaching the Northwest part on Wednesday, people living there and nearby had to be evacuated and shift their location to save their lives from the storm and its consequences. According to several reports, there is a probability that the cyclone will be hitting harder.

Here Are All The Details Of The Cyclone Ilsa:

Picture credit- Canva

There is a high chance that the cyclone will increase its intensity and impact and reach Category 4, according to a report by Alarabiya News. It is being reported that the intensity will spike to Category 4 while Cyclone Ilsa will be passing through the Pilbara coast of Western Australia. The Bureau of Meteorology of Australia stated that this can take place at some time around late Thursday or early Friday.

As shared by the Bureau, Cyclone Ilsa on Wednesday morning fell into Category 2. It hit parts of Australia over the Indian Ocean heading South from about 350 km Northwest of Broome.

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Some reports are also stating how badly Cyclone Ilsa will be impacting the affected areas. It can hit at a major speed of 200 kph damaging places with horrible storms. The after-effects might be very disturbing and destructive. Officials of the Bureau of Meteorology are advising people to avoid being near coastal and low-lying areas.

Western Australia Is Seeing Such A Cyclone After A Long Time

It has been a long time since Western Australia experienced such a scary and highly impacting cyclone. The last time, this place saw a cyclone of Category 4 was long back, about 10 years prior to the present time. This cyclone in Western Australia is also damaging the adjacent Pilbara and Kimberley coastal regions as well.

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Cyclone Christine hit some parts of Australia back in 2013. It led to some damage back then. It is being said that Cyclone Ilsa might be the strongest cyclone here since 2013.

We pray that no lives get affected due to Ilsa in Australia.

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