What Is Happening With Pune Airport’s AC That Passengers Find It Unbearable?

Passengers are furious after facing a horrible experience at the airport.

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is Happening With Pune Airport’s AC That Passengers Find It Unbearable?

Whenever you visit an airport, you will always notice that the air-conditioners are functioning all the time. With enclosed surroundings and thousands of travellers waiting to board the flight, it will be extremely hot and humid without functioning ACs installed inside. Sadly, there has been a major breakdown in ACs reported at the terminal building of the Pune airport. The experiences of passengers are terrible.

Passengers Are Complaining About AC Not Working At Pune Airport’s Old Terminal Building

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At a time when staying indoors without air-conditioners seems to make us all sweaty and hot, flyers are facing the worst experiences inside the packed old terminal building of the airport. It has been a few days since a snag in the air-conditioning system has been identified. The weather is extremely hot in Pune with heatwaves affecting residents. During such times, defective ACs are the last thing one can even imagine.

Passengers are taking to social media platforms to share their experiences and slamming the airport authorities for not taking any quick action to resolve the much-needed issue. Currently, the traffic at the airport is on the rise due to the ongoing summer vacations as residents are flying to different destinations. The rush, scorching heat, and malfunctioning air-conditioning system are creating chaos.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, the director of the Pune Airport stated the reason behind the major disturbance. The chiller plant of the terminal building is unable to operate at the moment as the 11 KV electricity supply faced some problems. The much-talked-about issue is likely to be solved by today evening as a team will be repairing it soon.

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Netizens Are Furious!

Passengers waiting at the old terminal building of Pune airport are slamming the airport for poor services. In the past few days, lakhs of flyers have spent uncomfortable hours there. Not only the issue with the AC is troubling them but many have started questioning about the newly inaugurated terminal. Netizens are asking when the new terminal will be functional.


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Have you ever faced a similar experience at an airport?

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