What Is Palm Crown? Facts About Upcoming Development By Nakheel That Might Replace Pointe, Dubai!

Luxury living on Palm Jumeirah's shoreline.

by Deeplata Garde
What Is Palm Crown? Facts About Upcoming Development By Nakheel That Might Replace Pointe, Dubai!

When The Pointe opened its doors atop the Palm Jumeirah back in December 2018, it quickly became a hotspot for dining and entertainment. However, in May 2023, Nakheel, the developer behind the project, announced plans for a transformation. Out with the old, in with the new, enter The Palm Crown.

Revamping The Pointe! Hello Palm Crown

Palm Crown
Pic Creds: Prop Search/ Website

While Nakheel is yet to spill the beans on the details, several real estate firms have dropped hints about what’s in store for The Palm Crown. Say goodbye to cinemas and dancing fountains; say hello to 38 swanky residential villas.

Initially served 12-month notices last May, tenants at The Pointe suspected changes were on the horizon. And they weren’t wrong. According to the buzz on Prop Search, The Palm Crown will boast 18 opulent Crown Views plots, each with its own slice of Atlantis-facing paradise. But wait, there’s more – an additional 20 Crown Garden Villas will be nestled amid verdant landscaping on either side of the metro line, replacing the current parking space.

As for the price tags and timelines? There’s no confirmed word from Nakheel.

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Beyond Villas: Amenities Fit For Royalty

But it’s not just about the villas – The Palm Crown promises a lifestyle. Picture lush greenery, a Clubhouse with a beachside swimming pool, and enough green spaces to make even Mother Nature blush. If you’re lucky enough to call this place home, prepare for a life of luxury.

And The Palm Jumeirah isn’t done yet with its real estate theatrics. Brace yourself for Como Residences, a jaw-dropping skyscraper poised to grace the trunk of The Palm. Drawing inspiration from its aquatic surroundings, this futuristic tower will soar to dizzying heights, standing head and shoulders above its predecessors. With each floor resembling a rolling ocean wave, Como Residences isn’t just a building; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

As Dubai’s real estate scene continues its upward trajectory, The Palm Jumeirah remains at the forefront of innovation and extravagance. So, whether you’re eyeing a villa at The Palm Crown or a slice of sky-high living at Como Residences, one thing’s for sure – life on The Palm is anything but ordinary.

Cover Image Courtesy: PropSearch/ Website

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