What Is Pune Metro’s Tag And Go? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This New System

The Pune Metro has launched a new Tap & Go system that will give passengers up to 30% discount on metro services.

by Tashika Tyagi
What Is Pune Metro’s Tag And Go? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This New System

Good news, Punekars! You can now get some good discounts on your metro trips. MahaMetro’s Pune Metro Rail has launched a new system called Tap & Go that lets passengers with One Pune Card and Vidyarthi Pass enjoy discounts of 10% on weekdays and 30% on weekends. The best part is that these discounts are available throughout the day. Read on to know more about this new system.

Pune Metro Introduces Tag And Go System

Pune Metro has introduced a Tap & Go system and it’s going to help you save big! According to this new system, passengers with One Pune Card and Vidyarthi Pass can enjoy 10% off on weekdays and 30% off on weekends on their metro travel costs. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to work or taking time to explore the city, you can travel faster and cheaper with the Pune Metro.

These cards will not just help you save big but also make your travel smoother and faster. All you need to do is tap the card at the entry gate or validator to start your journey and again at the exit, once you reach your destination. You can apply for a One Pune Card online here or get it at your nearest metro station.

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How Does This New System Work?

Tap & Go Pune Metro
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Here are a few things you need to know about this new system. The fare calculation for Tap & Go discounts depends on the passenger’s entry and exit taps. These deductions are made from the card’s chip balance. There is also a limit of 20 transactions per day to ensure smooth operations.

Furthermore, you can pay for metro tickets as well as buy and renew Pune Metro travel passes at the stations with this pass. You can also use One Pune Card for retail purchases – both online and in-store. Now, that’s what we call a versatile card!

We hope this information was helpful to you all. Let us know in the comments about your hot take on this newly introduced system in the Pune Metro.

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