What Is Self Screening Being Tested At Las Vegas Airport? How Will It Make Air Travel Easier?

TSA is set to launch a self screening system at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is Self Screening Being Tested At Las Vegas Airport? How Will It Make Air Travel Easier?

Travelling on flights is usually an enjoyable experience for passengers. But there are some moments such as passing through the security screening process that can sometimes be unfavourable experiences. From scanning through the belongings to waiting in long queues, it is a long time-consuming process. Well, it looks like security screening is about to be more advanced, faster, and more efficient than the present time. Self-screening might just become the next major revolution for aviation security.

TSA Is Ready To Test Self Screening At Las Vegas Airport

Self Screening
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Passenger footfall is seeing a major rise in airports all around the world. With more and more passenger traffic, the process of security check-in is getting hectic and chaotic as well at times. And to make this inconvenient part of the journey to be convenient, efficient, and faster, an all-new self-service screening system is coming up at an airport in the United States of America. Using a brand-new facility for self-screening, fliers will have the ability to screen themselves at the airport checkpoints.

TSA is all set to introduce the self-service screening system at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Falling under the Screening at Speed Program, this system is coming up in January 2024 only for TSA PreCheck passengers, according to a report by TimeOut. The industry is quite excited about the pilot testing of the new screening technology beginning in the new year. It is surely a fascinating beginning starting with fliers enrolled in PreCheck only as of now.

From shopping malls to restaurants, self-service options are only increasing in different parts of the world day by day. Since the beginning of this advanced technology, the facilities have only evolved and improved. And looks like the same is about to happen in the aviation industry as well. Once the system of self-screening starts fully among passengers, the process is going to be convenient hopefully. Conducting body scans by themselves and screening everything at airport security checkpoints is a probable reality and we are excited about it.

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There Are Different Prototypes For This Advanced Technology

Self Screening
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The journey to decide on launching this trial of self-screening at airport checkpoints has been continuing for a few years now. The concerned departments have worked on some prototypes before finalising the one to launch at the Harry Reid International Airport. The technologically advanced system will have proper descriptions and steps to make the process easier for passengers using the system.

There will be 4 areas or stations at the airport checkpoints for scanning the luggage and bags. For belongings such as mobiles, there will be an area for screening as well. Also, there will be automatic doors for passengers to enter, complete the process, collect their belongings, and exit. Not all the fliers are expected to be well equipped with such advancements and digital facilities. To help one and all, there will also be a help button.

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What are your opinions on the testing of self screening system at the US airport?

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